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Secretary-General of the Third Chamber of Ningbo immediate offsite Salon

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April 25 morning, the Secretary-General of Ningbo city directly under the Alien Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce hosted by Quzhou third salon, held at the Chamber of Commerce member companies Quzhou, Quzhou wild fish shop Siming Road.

Participate in this Chamber Sharon Hangzhou and Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, Heilongjiang, Anhui Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, Shandong, Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Quanzhou, Jiaxing Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Chizhou, Jinhua Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and other wire and cable line more than 40 Secretary-General.

Sharon theme issue "how to play the role of the board of supervisors," I will 沈培荣 Chizhou Chamber of Supervisors and the Board of Supervisors Yerong Bin invited as a guest speaker.


When the end of the salon, Quzhou Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Wang Qinghua emotionally commented, two supervisors long experience introduces a very useful reference, it is worth learning. Board of Supervisors to do the work must be done: First, let the Board of Supervisors in the Chamber of Commerce in the "One"; secondly Supervisory Board itself to be "promising"; then the Board of Supervisors of doing things can not "have fear."

Minister of Industry and Commerce membership department of Ningbo Xu Xiaohua, vice minister of the Ministry of 李安奎 members also were invited to participate in activities. Xu Xiaohua, Deputy Minister and Minister for the salon 李安奎 given a high rating, expect similar conduct in the future a lot of useful activities, in order to innovative work offsite Chamber of Commerce.

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