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Ningbo, Hangzhou, twelfth president of the Chamber of Commerce held a work meeting

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At 16:00 on May 6th, 2014, Ningbo, Hangzhou, twelfth president of the Chamber of Commerce office meeting held in Ningbo Investment Co., Ltd. Lan House, would telephoto Ming, vice president of Feng Wei, Xie Guorong, Dongxu Ming, Bao Shili, the Board of Supervisors Shenpei Rong, Secretary-General Jiang Lan participate.


(Coke chairman and careful consideration of the meeting participants information)

Meeting chaired by month's rotating president of Dong Xuming, Dongxu Ming, vice president of corporate and business development of its introduction, the floor Lan Investment Co., Ltd. is a commercial real estate investment professional investment companies, investment areas include professional market, urban complexes, hotels, apartments, tourism, real estate and other formats of real estate development and operations. Specific forms of investment, including owned, joint venture, holding, equity and fixed return investments. Bai Lan International Jewelry Lake City based on the square wedding day, the introduction of about 20 Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' core members, as made in Hong Kong to enter the mainland jewelry display, sales of window and integration of international and domestic brands and luxury jewelry line for about 10 overall settled.

The Secretary-General Jiang Lan summary of the work done in April and May the work plan. To strengthen communication links member units, to promote economic cooperation and exchanges among member companies, boost business fast development, the preparations for the organization in May first "member companies to promote the development of exchange" activities, the participants of the president of the the number of events, screenings, such as how to develop the industry were discussed.


(Secretary-General Jiang Lan summary of the work done in April and May Work Plan)

At the meeting, the Chamber of Commerce on how to carry out charitable activities to explore, Dongxu Ming, chairman Donation Charity Fund $ 10,000. Then a study on how to attract elite manufacturers in Ningbo Hangzhou.

Finally, Coke, president of the April 19, more than a series of activities to assess 姚大岚 town, organizing activities to highlight the future safety first. The vice president of all to express their views, a year after it was proposed to organize a return Hangzhou home tours.


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