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  • In 2015, Spring Festival evening party

    ADDTIME:2015-11-27 13:42:38 AUTHOR:李慧平 HITS:2300

    In this bowed out, beautiful moment of Spring Festival, we ushered in the = = company 2015 annual gala. All of my colleagues gathered here, festival yesterday's brilliant performance, outlook The company's bright future!

  • Ningbo, Hangzhou, twelfth president of the Chamber of Commerce held a work meeting

    ADDTIME:2014-05-14 16:28:52 AUTHOR:admin HITS:3126

    At 16:00 on May 6th, 2014, Ningbo, Hangzhou, twelfth president of the Chamber of Commerce office meeting held in Ningbo Investment Co., Ltd. Lan House, would telephoto Ming, vice president of Feng Wei, Xie Guorong, Dongxu Ming, Bao Shili, the Board of Supervisors Shenpei Rong, Secretary-General Jiang Lan attend the meeting presided over by this month's rotating president of Dong Xuming, Dongxu Ming, vice president of corporate and business development of its introduction, the floor Lan investment Co., Ltd. is a commercial real estate investment professional investment companies, investment areas include professional market, urban complexes, hotels, apartments, tourism, real estate and other formats of real estate

  • Chamber of Commerce to participate in three rows - Shen Wei Zhou Minghua Chen Xueming Calligraphy Exhibition

    ADDTIME:2014-05-14 16:26:51 AUTHOR:admin HITS:2168

    April 29, 2014, by the Chamber of Commerce and Tongxiang painter Jiaxing Association's "three lines - Shen Wei, Chen Xueming, Zhou Minghua" painting exhibition, held at the Drum Tower, the tower of the event aims to promote the work of the two artists, and hope that through a full range of communication, promoting both text

  • Secretary-General of the Third Chamber of Ningbo immediate offsite Salon

    ADDTIME:2014-05-14 16:25:42 AUTHOR:admin HITS:1521

    April 25 morning, the Secretary-General of Ningbo city directly under the Alien Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce hosted by Quzhou third salon, held at the Chamber of Commerce member companies Quzhou, Quzhou wild fish shop Siming Road.

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